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Gemset sells a large variety of minerals and crystals from around the world. We sell everything from large crystal beds, tumbled stones and carved gemstones, to cabochons for jewellery settings.

We also have a large selection of sterling silver jewellery, set with a wide variety of gems from quartz and citrine to seraphinite and fossilised coral. Stones can be either a plain cabochon or facetted.

We also stock an amazing range of fossils , from local chalk specimens, ammonites from Dorset and London clay shark teeth. Gemstones in Kent

We also sell fossils from around the world including large display specimens such as Orthoceras beds, Crinoid slabs and Wyoming fossil fish. We specialise very heavily in this area and are in contact with several collectors and can usually source most items.

Our other speciality is antiquities – we are supplied by a wLapidary in Kentell known and respected supplier of varying pieces. For example we have stocked numerous items from Roman oil lamps (4th Century), Indus Valley Dishes (2500BC) and Flint Tools (7500BC).

We also have a selection of meteorites, all with accurate data.

Other services we provide

We provide a range of repairs such as basic rethreading, gluing, watch batteries, straps and links removals.

We also provide the services of silversmithing, silk bead rethreading and watch repairs.

We look forward to being of assistance to you!